The World of Beautiful Floors

When redecorating the home, floors often lose the priority in favour of furniture and technical appliances. Nevertheless, carpets with bright colors, sparkling parquet or new ceramic tiles will be instantly noticed.

For creating wooden floors some extraordinary raw materials are used such as: maple, ash, oak and pine. Parquet is made of different types of wood, from wide boards to narrow parquet veneer tiles. The assortment available ranges from traditional and exotic types and parquet represents an ideal floor solution for every living place. The look of a certain floor will determine and affect the overall impression and character of a living space for many years.

Laminate is one of the more popular modern materials for floors. It is strong and resistant to abrasion, has a permanent glow and is easy to maintain. It can easily be laid over worn carpets. It can represent a perfect combination of beautiful colors and true elegance. New and inventive styles are created almost daily, with the finished product varying in texture and color. Laminate is very popular in America and Europe is just beginning to recognize its value.

Ceramic floor tiles provide an easy to clean surface, save on energy and maintenance costs and create a contemporary way of living. Natural stone and ceramic wall or floor tiles require high quality materials for their manufacture. They are ideal for humid spaces because they are resistant to moisture damage and their attractive finish lasts for many years.

Carpets have traditionally been used in our homes throughout the ages. They are always placed on dry, flat and clean ground. Carpets come in an endless range of sizes, materials and colors. Ecologically friendly carpets are made of natural latex. It seems that such a diverse variety of choices to create the perfect living space has gone largely unnoticed by the average home owner. Nevertheless, floors are a basic and essential part of our homes that have a large impact upon the ambience of our living space.