The Weird And Wonderful World Of Beauty

Bull Semen Hair Treatment.

Yes, you read that right - Hair treatment using Bull Semen.

This relatively recent treatment is being touted by one of London's premier beauty salons as the ultimate in hair care.

The owner had this to say about the treatment:

'It really works. The semen is refrigerated before use and doesn't smell. It leaves your hair looking wonderfully soft and thick. It will be an ongoing treatment as long as the bulls perform,' he pledged.

But it is not just semen that comes in the treatment. Apparently the thick paste is made with an Iranian plant called Katera or Katira and is normally used as a thickening agent in food and you may well know it as additive E 413.

But if you are keen for that semen lustre in your hair the price is not cheap.

A single treatment costs around 55 pounds or about $90 AUD.

Extraocular implant - or eyeball jewellery.

This treatment is so fresh that there are very few people in the whole world that have it.

This beauty treatment was first developed in the Netherlands and involves having a small platinum shape inserted into the sclera or white of the eye.

There is a small selection of shapes available including the Euro sign, a heart or star, a four-leaf clover or even a music note.

This is a full surgical procedure, which can be completed in about 15 minutes by a licenced Ophthalmologist. The full treatment including the platinum jewellery costs around 750 Euro or around 950 AUD.

Beer Spa

Having trouble getting your man into the beauty salon? Well here is a beauty treatment that few men would be able to resist.

The beer spa is being offered in a number of European countries, Germany and Austria, not surprisingly, being two of the most popular.

A beer spa is a warm frothy bath containing active beer yeast and a mixture of crushed dehydrated herbs all swirling around in 93 degree mineral spring water. The local signature beer is not only added to the mix but is also served frosty for drinking.

All the ingredients serve to create a warm, relaxing and refreshing brew. The hops help exfoliate the skin, warm mineral laden water opens the pores and draws out toxins whilst active beer yeast contains B vitamins and saccharides which can rejuvenate the skin and assist with elasticity.

For as little as 50 Euro, you and your partner can be immersed in warm beer and soak up all the health giving benefits that a little hops and yeast mixed in warm mineral spring water can impart.